Appeal RoP220.1

RoP 220.1

The Statement of Appeal must be lodged within the two months of service of either a final decision of the Court of First Instance or any decisions terminating one party’s proceedings (RoP220 (a) or (b)) pursuant to RoP 224(a).

The judge may invite the party to comment with a decision being issued within 3 weeks of receipt of the Statement of Appeal by the Registry and appeals against separate decisions relating to infringement and validity may be heard at the same time.

Note that this appeal scenario is based on the language of proceedings at the Court of First Instance being selected and preliminary examination resulting in the Statement of grounds of appeal complying with RoP226.

  1. In the main menu, navigate to Appeal > Appeals > Appeals RoP220.1
  2. Read guidance
  3. Select Appeal: RoP220.1 (a) or (b)
  4. Enter Action or Application No at First Instance
  5. Enter the Decision or Order number to be appealed, including the prefix UPC_ORD_
  6. Click START
  • You will see a temporary page with a provisional case number assigned by the CMS 
  • You will be automatically redirected to the case detail page for the new action