Live courses with trainers

The Net Service Academy organizes training courses on the practical usage of the UPC CMS.

In-person meetings as well as online courses are provided following law firms’ requirements, focusing on all the technical aspects of the UPC CMS and giving insights about the workflows based on the Rules of Procedure.

Our Trainers have the skills to provide full assistance to the learner, alternating lessons with Q&A sessions. The course programme is tailor-made to the learner's needs, and may vary from an introduction to the UPC CMS to a specific Rule of Procedure application.

We have three types of sessions:

  1. Plenary session: Trainers explain the theory of the CMS. There is no limit to the number of participants and the session can be attended from remote via Webex / Zoom / Teams.
  2. Walkthrough session: Trainers explain an action step by step, showing how the CMS works. As in the previous session-type, there is no limit to the number of participants, and they can follow the course remotely.
  3. Practical session: attendees must be physically present in the room, and they will be divided into groups led by our trainers. Every attendee is provided with access to our CMS training software, playing an active role during the session. Our people behind the scenes will play the role of Judges and Clerks of the UPC to let the cases go from the beginning to the end. A maximum of ten attendees per trainer are allowed.

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